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It Rained that Night...oops...DAY!

Dedicated to all those Smart asses that stayed at home
Dedicated to all those Adventurous asses that ventured out
and last but not the least….
Dedicated to all those Miserable asses that got stuck…you hoo!

It was the second day of the sales training. We were supposed to report at 8:30 at Goregaon Warehouse .It was raining heavily overnight. At 6:00 when I woke up, I saw that the rains had still not relented. They were coming Full-on. I called up my friend at Parla. The smart guy said, said,”Chalte hain yaar…lets make it. I am coming.”. “Ok then meet you at the station”, I said. This was the sentence….THAT CHANGED IT ALL…..

Left the house at 7.Was still down for another twenty minutes.No auto,bus in sight!.A few school children were excited, their bus had not come. So obviously they sensed an off. Unlucky me, my sixth sense had died the previous month !.

I took a rick to the station. Boarded the train which took 5mins just to move out off the station. The guy in front of me got down, …