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The Date 2- Jab they met Again!

Hi Guys, For all those who haven’t read my first post- The date.  Please do so. This sequel will connect better then.
The setting was near perfect. The red sun was kissing down slowly on the sands. The water seemed to glow softly even as the sky changed its colour to a dark orange. The wind blew slowly and brought with it the aroma of the sea. As Ved stretched himself in this setting, there was but just one difference. Years ago he used to be sitting on the sands amongst the common folk, now he was in his private space. A sea facing, very own private front which was exclusive to him. Beaches always used to fascinate him since childhood. The sands seemed alive, bustling with soo much energy and activity of the people who moved in it , yet the water and the winds had their own soothing effect .   A complete mismatch of energies, yet so perfect.  It was probably the co-existence of madness and stillness at one place which drew him to beaches. He had always desired to own a place on the be…