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The day i showed them my Finger!

The 30th of April in the summer of 2009. Possibly the most talked about, hyped and eagerly awaited date in the recent history of Mumbai.

Most talked about by the NGOs who wanted people to come out and exercise their right to vote.

Hyped by the media who needed fodder to run their 24x7 news channels and ...

Eagerly awaited by the politicians so that they can remove their goody-goody masks after the day.

Among all of these was the common man, yours truly included who were waiting to vote for a change. After all,things were different this time.Mumbai was held hostage for 3 days and the Mumbaikars for many more. Some survivors still recounting the horror that they had to face and the ones who lost their dear ones,for them god knows how many days will it take to overcome the fear and shock of the terror attack.
It was the 26th of November. Actually the drama began at midnight, when terrorists from across the border entered Mumbai and created havoc on the streets, platforms and tourist sp…