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Movie Review : Ferrari Ki Sawari- a joy ride of emotions

A simple heart-warming emotion is often the toughest to portray on-screen. Whether it was the carrom board shot in Munnabhai to revive the old man or the lie that Rancho narrates to make his friend speak in 3 Idiots, the scenes ended on a happier note with a feel good factor. The difference in Ferrari ki Sawaari is that the emotion stays on… case in point the scene in which Rustom, played by Sharman Joshi, goes to a bank to ask for a loan for his son. The simplicity of the character and his endearing emotion as a doting father lingers on even after the scene ends. It does not translate into a happier moment and that’s what makes Ferrari ki Sawari a common man’s story. Wouldn’t agree much or comment on the Parsi angle since am yet to meet a single parsi who is in need of a loan in the first place!

The plot: Rustom (Sharman Joshi) plays a common man aka Raja Harishchandra and a doting father to his son Kayo. As the head clerk of the RTO, his income is less but that does not stop him fro…