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Sweet/Sour conversations……The story!!

There she was…by the side of the window..a bit scared,a bit confused and with an expression that would put alice in wonderland to shame! She looked totally out of place. Ya, she was sitting in a local train, but in a crowded gents compartment! He wondered how a girl all alone by herself would have chosen to get into a gents compartment and that too when the rush hour has just started.
At first glance their eyes met , as he jostled his way into the inside compartment of the local train. An old man who was sitting beside the girl got up and he sat beside her. She smiled when he sat and he smiled back.
After two more stations and a never ending silence he decided to break the ice.
“So what’s your name?”....he asked . Kanjurmarg!.....pat came the reply. What! He replied , a bit shocked at the reply. “No No sorry is this kanjurmarg?” She enquired. No, kanjurmarg was two stations back, u wanted to get down there is it? He asked. “ No No not at all…just asking!...” she replied . Jesus!! he …