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Ram-Leela- the Gujju Porn! -- Movie Review.

“Gujju Porn hai yeh …ekdum GUJUU PORN”!  “kaun dekhega, chod yaar. Boring picture che . Let’s do something else". Came the usual set of replies when I asked people about the most anticipated bollywood movie release this season- RamLeela. Well there was definitely something amiss admist all this. After all the movie looked to have all the perfect ingredients:- Script adaptation of the evergreen tragedy Romeo-Juliet. Usually one’s first read.  And bollywood’s tried& tested success formula-Love tragedy.Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a filmmaker known for treating every frame like a canvas. And this time after making black and blue experiments he was back in multicolour!The songs, sets, their beautiful picturisation and…Actress of the year -Deepika Padukone. well she seems to redefine beauty in every movie she acts these days. So with all these and especially the last point in particular, i made up my mind to give it a shot. It was anyways a lazy Sunday afternoon with nothing much to do.…