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Movie review : Life of Pi - to each his own!

Life of Pi released in theatres a couple of days back. It is based on a book of the same name by Yann Martel. The experience of reading a book can never be compared to watching a movie. Personally feel one must not compare but enjoy both experiences. Know many book lovers who never watch on –screen adaptations since they feel movies hardly justify the books they are based on, case in point- The Da Vinci code. However even though i am an avid reader myself, guess whenever a movie is based on a book, it just makes me more curious to see how it has been interpreted on-screen. How the director has bought to life the different scenes that we usually imagine while reading a book. It is not easy to match everyone’s imagination and portray it alive on-screen. Which is why making a story come alive on –screen when most people have read it, is all the more challenging i believe. And this is where Life of Pi scores.
I had not read the book, so just went without any background or inhibitions wha…

Movie Review : No longer The Dark knight

The truth about the Dark knight is that he can take the blame… The truth about the Dark knight is that he can live in pain... The truth unveiled in theaters last Friday and has got me wanting to see it again!.
Had huge expectations out of what was said to be the conclusion to the Batman trilogy. Perhaps similar to the expectations of the people of Gotham from Batman! The movie not only matched but went on to surpass it. This Dark Knight definitely rises and is mind-blowing to say the least!
In the first one, fear made BruceWayne become the Batman… In the second, the Joker made Batman become the Dark Knight … But however in this conclusion to the trilogy, Batman overcomes his own fears to go beyond what he never did before and that’s what makes it a triumph of hope and human spirit. A narration of strong emotions where a man, not born super puts his mind over matter and rises to the occasion to conclude what is the best of the series so far. Near-epic!
Feel director Christopher Nolan h…

Movie Review : Ferrari Ki Sawari- a joy ride of emotions

A simple heart-warming emotion is often the toughest to portray on-screen. Whether it was the carrom board shot in Munnabhai to revive the old man or the lie that Rancho narrates to make his friend speak in 3 Idiots, the scenes ended on a happier note with a feel good factor. The difference in Ferrari ki Sawaari is that the emotion stays on… case in point the scene in which Rustom, played by Sharman Joshi, goes to a bank to ask for a loan for his son. The simplicity of the character and his endearing emotion as a doting father lingers on even after the scene ends. It does not translate into a happier moment and that’s what makes Ferrari ki Sawari a common man’s story. Wouldn’t agree much or comment on the Parsi angle since am yet to meet a single parsi who is in need of a loan in the first place!

The plot: Rustom (Sharman Joshi) plays a common man aka Raja Harishchandra and a doting father to his son Kayo. As the head clerk of the RTO, his income is less but that does not stop him fro…