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Movie Review : No longer The Dark knight

The truth about the Dark knight is that he can take the blame… The truth about the Dark knight is that he can live in pain... The truth unveiled in theaters last Friday and has got me wanting to see it again!.
Had huge expectations out of what was said to be the conclusion to the Batman trilogy. Perhaps similar to the expectations of the people of Gotham from Batman! The movie not only matched but went on to surpass it. This Dark Knight definitely rises and is mind-blowing to say the least!
In the first one, fear made BruceWayne become the Batman… In the second, the Joker made Batman become the Dark Knight … But however in this conclusion to the trilogy, Batman overcomes his own fears to go beyond what he never did before and that’s what makes it a triumph of hope and human spirit. A narration of strong emotions where a man, not born super puts his mind over matter and rises to the occasion to conclude what is the best of the series so far. Near-epic!
Feel director Christopher Nolan h…