The Date

The evening clock struck 5:30 .Ved watched the waves rise and die as he waited for his date at the beach.Her name was Zui and they were online pals.This was supposed to be their first meeting after knowing each other for the past two months.Ved still remembered their last conversation,"For all reasons you could be a girl,i have shared nearly my whole life with you,spoken to you about everything and yet i don't know even how you look!..Listen Ved if you don't want to meet me then that's it.... i won't talk to you!", she said unleasing the ultimate emotional atchyachar dialogue!.Ved was  more amused than shocked. A girl!! how on earth could she think of him like that. His orkut profile,testimonials from friends,qualifications...someone can't just fake them all .Yet this gal said it! Strange she is he thought,just as her name.But then she was definitely not worth loosing.
It had been two months now.An occasional surfing of profiles was what made Ved visit Zui's profile.Detailed was what first came into Ved's mind as he read it.Yes he actually did read it. Strange since most guys hardly bother!.There was her pic too,her head slanted slightly sideways with a childlike smile-happy and beautiful.Ved left her a scrap complimenting her on the above, not because he had to, but because he felt she deserved it!.Two days passed by and Ved had all forgotten about this when he saw a reply,"Yours is the most beautiful compliment i have ever received and i am going to treasure it for life!".Ved was delighted when he read this .He was more happy because she didn't rank him alongside some romeo who is out to get a few gals.She probably sensed that the compliment was genuine and straight from the heart and this was what made Ved happy.
The conversations began after that. First occasionally, then regularly. Right from the start, Zui was very honest with Ved about all that had happenend with her.Her failed relationships,family problems,confusing career decisions all expressed with truthfullness and trust.Ved was surprised at first about how someone could trust him soo blindly without even meeting or knowing him fully.Yet he was determined to not break it.Thats the least he could do for Zui, who by now had become a close friend and yes they had still not met. The trails,the personal failures behind that smiling face hit him and he tried to sooth her with whatever advice he could give.Many a time he could sense her troubled feelings and he just wished he could be there at that moment, to comfort and make her feel better.
Ved's life was nothing as dramatic as Zui's, atleast on love and relationships.He had his own set of failures which he had overcome and proven a point or two to his critics.He told Zui too about his life.
Compatibility was perhaps the biggest point in their realationship or was it affection/friendship/trust or a mix of it all...Ved had stopped thinking He thought what matters in life is not quantity but quality and if in two months they had grown close to literally being best friends then it's not to be complained but enjoyed!!
The phone rang..."Ved,i am stuck in a traffic jam..should be there in 5 wearing a black t-shirt ...what about you???"..Ved smiled to himself and replied,"Black!!!!"....."What!!!!!..khi khi khi!!..came her laughter loud and coming!!!". Sunset was nearing,the beach was crowded, the children were in full swing and so were a few couples!!.
Hi!!!!!!! Ved.....There she t-shirt,brown cargos,small frame and a big and confused ego!!.Beautiful he thought as he saw her face.He still had no idea what she thought about him.
"Lets talk a walk"..Ved said..."No yaar its tooo crowded...can't we go somewhere else??".Well Ved had actually called her to the beach since he thought no girl would be comfortable meeting in a less crowded place for the first time! But then girls are like that he thought-Unpredictable and the beautiful specimen standing in front of him was possibly the mother of them all!."Lets just take a stroll,if you are still not comfortable we will go elsewhere,is that fine?" Ved asked. Ok,came the reply and then started what was a wonderful experience.They talked about everything..She certainly did!. Even repeating some which she had already said.Sitting on the setting sands with the chill breeze blowing , here they were talking to each other,possibly coming to face with realities about each other and yes giving a final touch to that imaginative figure of a true friend. It was simply wonderful.
Before taking leave of each other there were no kisses,no hugs,just a warm handshake probably highlighting the sweet relation that they shared.As Ved lead her across the road,holding her hand to the rickshaw,he sensed that he had after all probably got a nice friend,someone who was so compatible with him that it made him wonder ,was it just two months!
He thought,certain relations in life are unexplained and best left unprobed.Instead of thinking about what is happening one should probably look forward to maintain it and enjoy the mutual admiration,feeling,trust,affection,love whatever exists.Because it's very rare in life that you meet people who understand you and make you feel special and Zui was exactly that.As she left in the auto,Ved had no clue about how the relation was really going to shape up,what had she thought about him,whether he was what she had expected him to be.Nevertheless as he looked up into the sky full of twinkling stars he sensed someone up there wanted them to meet and he was thankful and happy about the whole experience.
Whether they will meet again...only time will tell!


meeta said…
I really liked the story and i hope they meet again.

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