Sweet/Sour conversations……The story!!

There she was…by the side of the window..a bit scared,a bit confused and with an expression that would put alice in wonderland to shame! She looked totally out of place. Ya, she was sitting in a local train, but in a crowded gents compartment! He wondered how a girl all alone by herself would have chosen to get into a gents compartment and that too when the rush hour has just started.
At first glance their eyes met , as he jostled his way into the inside compartment of the local train. An old man who was sitting beside the girl got up and he sat beside her. She smiled when he sat and he smiled back.
After two more stations and a never ending silence he decided to break the ice.
“So what’s your name?”....he asked . Kanjurmarg!.....pat came the reply. What! He replied , a bit shocked at the reply. “No No sorry is this kanjurmarg?” She enquired. No, kanjurmarg was two stations back, u wanted to get down there is it? He asked. “ No No not at all…just asking!...” she replied . Jesus!! he thought, what’s wrong with this girl.
“Actually this is my first time….. she continued, am not used to traveling in trains!”.
“Ok ! so you new to Mumbai?”he asked. “No No…not at all, I stay at Parla. Dunno much about central that’s why!..and am sorry by the way my name is Anjali”. “Oh! Hi Anjali this is Raghav. By the way it’s fine if u don’t know stations but how come u boarded a gents compartment and that too alone?!”...he asked. Actually there are better adventures in life but this is way too much…Raghav thought!. She gave a perplexed look as an answer!.
The next station came- Kurla. “Abe utar na….kitna hawa khayega….” shouted a mob and then the ritual began. As hundreds of people got out…thousands came in!.
Kurla- Notorious for the crowd that goes out and that comes in. “Shit…. man how can people struggle and fight like this to get in a train. In fact i wonder how they get in yaar! ”.She exclaimed. Raghav wondered how she had got in there in the first place!.
“So where are you headed to” Raghav asked keeping his weird sense of humour to himself. “Parla , getting back home you see . Actually I had come by car to Thane. Am doing my summer job during my MBA course you see. So my friend had dropped me. He told me to get down at Dadar and then change, hence am waiting for Dadar to come you see. Is it the next station?”. “Nope two more to Dadar and i don’t see it as yet” Raghav replied. She laughed out aloud!
This was something Raghav had always wondered in life. Why is that all girls have this same story cooked up one way or the other. Is it because women generally are pathetic with locations and directions that they cook up stories like this to cover up for their inabilities or are men soo bad that they drop you but don’t pick you back!!
“Even am getting down at Dadar , will help you on your way out”. Raghav said. “That’s soooo sweet of you. I am very tense you see” she said. Don’t worry its written all over your face. You could put a chicken in a slaugher house to shame!!!. Raghav thought and a chuckle came across his face.
MBA, summer job…all waste, dodo didn’t even know where to get in. Couldn’t even differentiate between a gents and a ladies compartment. And then she wants me to believe her story,…Great!!. What does she think am gonna believe all this! Dumb girl… and the chuckle turned into a wide smile!
The next station came- Sion. “Get up! we better get to the other side , else utarne nahi milega” Raghav said. “Are but there is still time na..You only said two more stations to go , so why to go now!. Aaramse bait the hain na. Why hurry ?” she replied with a logic that would have made Da Vinci curl up in his grave!.
Suddenly a voice like AK hangal’s came’’ “areeee… utarne do bhaisaab, Sion aa gaya”…..It was followed by a Gabbar singh like shout, “Sion toh aa gaya lekin tu pehle kyun nahi aaya!. Abhi udarich khada reh...” And all the Samba’s of the coach nodded in approval.
The very next second Raghav heard a voice beside him say ….“ chal yar…let’s go”!!!!. Good proactive thinking he thought!
Raghav jostled his way through the crowd and got her safely in the front, so that she could get off with ease. Dadar came and they got off. “You go to platform number one on the western side, I have to go the other way” he said. “ Ya Ya dude! I know that , am not new to Mumbai you see” she replied . It’s just that I had gone to Thane by train………” ya right! I believe you and your story Raghav thought!
She continued…
“Actually I was as scared as a duck, frankly I did not know how and why I got in the first place in a gents compartment. I was surrounded by men all around. It was pretty bad ya. Meri phat gayee thi. Until I saw you…. You looked so approachable and decent. And when you smiled , i gave a sigh of relief!. It was so sweet of you to help me and when you smiled… I saw a friend!...you have such a lovely smile ya!....
Raghav now believed her story completely!
He followed it up with the ultimate wannabe gentleman dialogue…“Are ..its ok!..i mean anybody in your place and I would have helped yar!..its perfectly alright”. She smiled back and a beautiful dimple appeared on her cheek. Well that was what had caught Raghav’s attention in the first place! Among the shining bald plates and beards the dimple was what had stood out! They exchanged their numbers as the train passed by. He went to the platform Number one of western railway to see her off!
A week passed and Raghav’s phone rang..“Hi!!!! Anjali here…why didn’t you call up…busy is it?”…Most guys never know how to answer this question and most girls don’t know why they ask this in the first place! “ Ya kind of! He replied ...the truth was that Raghav was dying to talk to her but somehow couldn’t dial her number! . They talked for about an hour, obviously on topics apart from trains!. And then she asked…
“ By the way can we meet up tomorrow , evening ..it’s a weekend you see”. “ Ya why not”.. Raghav replied . “But where???!!” she asked …..
Well if you guys have been reading this story carefully, I think you must have guessed what was Raghav’s reply!...“ SHUDAAP!! …came her answer as she broke out into a laughter over the phone!”.

And then my dear friends…….“the story” started…!!!


Har Har...nice one

The Trains are Mumbai's Lifeline and also turn into Love Lines for many...

Love stories start in the most unlikely of places...
sonal natekar said…
Aaah, very romantic, what about a sequel

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