Movie Review : Ferrari Ki Sawari- a joy ride of emotions

A simple heart-warming emotion is often the toughest to portray on-screen. Whether it was the carrom board shot in Munnabhai to revive the old man or the lie that Rancho narrates to make his friend speak in 3 Idiots, the scenes ended on a happier note with a feel good factor. The difference in Ferrari ki Sawaari is that the emotion stays on… case in point the scene in which Rustom, played by Sharman Joshi, goes to a bank to ask for a loan for his son. The simplicity of the character and his endearing emotion as a doting father lingers on even after the scene ends. It does not translate into a happier moment and that’s what makes Ferrari ki Sawari a common man’s story. Wouldn’t agree much or comment on the Parsi angle since am yet to meet a single parsi who is in need of a loan in the first place!

The plot:
Rustom (Sharman Joshi) plays a common man aka Raja Harishchandra and a doting father to his son Kayo. As the head clerk of the RTO, his income is less but that does not stop him from dreaming big for his son. Whether it is the last minute rush to get a bat for his son before his match can start or the Ferrari jhol that he eventually prepares to do against his principles so that his son can live his dream, he brings to life what a true Father’s emotions for his son are, in an endearing manner. Kayo as the son, who looks up to his dad as a role model is wonderfully portrayed by Ritvik Sahore. The kid has a close resemblance to junior Tendulkar (minus his locks) and was an apt cast in the role of an aspiring cricketer. Boman Irani as the grand dad with a past that actually stopped him from being a famous cricketer breathes a role which so many Ranji greats have been forced to do so in our country, because they never got their life-changing moment under the sun. His emotions come alive when he senses his grandson on the threshold of something which essentially once was his dream, that of representing the nation at the highest level in cricket.

The film has its share of comic moments and some well etched funny characters too (synonymous with the maker’s earlier films). The car garage scene is which the owner describes what happens with stolen cars and signs off showing an S-Class Mercedes as a recycled big iron ball is hilarious. The two caretakers of the car ( who have to get it back before Sachin comes home) ,the wedding planner(who promised the groom the ride of 560 horses for his baraat) and the corporater (trying to control his son’s whims) are all characters who have their moments in the film and stand out from the rest.

However when your main characters portray and live such strong emotions, the film can’t be a comedy and that’s exactly what it is. Ferrari ki Sawaari is an emotional film and a heartwarming one but definitely you won’t remember much of the funny scenes since the pure emotion of the main characters overpower you. 
Go for it with this fact drilled in, else you might not like it. After seeing the film , personally feel that it should not have been promoted as a film from the Munnabhai & 3 Idiots stable, since those were films of a different kind where the humour quotient was much higher.

Go for this with your kid and maybe your dad as this Ferrari ki Sawaari is a heartwarming and a well told one! 


Samar M said…
I would still say the film is from the league of Munnabhai and 3 idiots. All the films had the core of simplicity ( including the ferrari one). All the plots had a link where one could relate to ones or others own personal life !

All these film had no nautinki's like others !!! No wonder people love the Hirani's theme and the team !!

Well you forgot the character of pakya !!! His dialogue to his mom for tatya " Tu isko kaise select kiya ??? Mere se pupchti toh main direct na bol deta !!! Lollllls

Sharmaan , the little kid and Boman all are amazing !! Though i expected more scenes for the supremely talented boman !!

Last but the not the least Sachin tendulkars much hyped appearance in the movie was badly missed.

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