Change for Croods..i mean Good!

Change is good.  The moment we hear this we feel it’s a management jargon. Well it’s time you looked at it closer. Change is nothing but evolution. But then I never thought so when I heard it the first time.
Rewind to school days. ‘Evolution of Man’,’ Stone age’,’ Survival of Human species’ and what not!  For me all these stand for just one word- History! Think it’s a subject forced upon us to become ratta popats  (talking parrots) of the highest order in school. You are supposed to be aware of your past but why memorise it.  Never understood the need for it like many students, but ya anyway mugged up before the exams . The only time I found these words interesting was on Flintstones. Stone Age suddenly appeared cool. Living in caves, pet dinosaurs and yes-Yabaaa Dabaa Doooo!
The moment I saw the poster of Croods it seemed to be of a similar setting.  Wanted to see the movie despite my busy office schedule and finally got a chance this weekend. And what an experience it turned out to be!
The plot revolves around a family in stone -age called The Croods who slog it hard to survive against all odds. For them life is nothing but a set of rules that need to be adhered to strictly, if you want to stay alive. The cave is not only their home but also a shied that keeps them alive at night. While everyone in the family seems quite happy just surviving, the girl has other plans. She is curious by nature and always seeks to challenge the so-called rules. She soon finds  an able partner in ‘Guy’ who represents the next age man .
The story develops once the Croods lose their cave to nature's fury and search for a safer place to stay alive, along with Guy. With the knowledge to create fire,a brain full of ideas and a will to survive, Guy sets the pace in the movie and essentially drives home the belief that Change is good. He challenges the stone-age mindset of Grug (head of the Croods family) time and again and leads him to embrace change and the word that lies beyond the stone age realms. What really strikes you is the execution and the way the plot unravels on-screen.  An ordinary concept is made to look different through fantastic execution. The animation is good and the characters keep the fun going without sounding preachy.  
Go for it and you won’t regret being a part of this evolution. In case you have never tried animation movies before, have just one thing to say- Change is good!


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