This Jawaani is indeed Deewani!--Movie review

Opposites attract. Well that’s why they also gel. Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani just re-emphasises this old adage of love but does so beautifully.Right from the first time when Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) meets Naina ( Deepika Padukone), you can sense an underlying chemistry waiting to explode.  
He is the extrovert, chilled out ,self-centered guy who wants to explore the world. She on the other hand is the reserved, nerdy girl who is responsible but bored of her life. The common thing that unites them is his zeal to enjoy life and her underlying desire to break the monotonous ritual that she calls… her life!.
They kick off instantaneously on the trek, where they meet and soon love blossoms gradually. The fact that they understand and compliment each other just makes it real. The beautiful Manali landscapes obviously add their own charm to the chemistry. Just as she is about to speak her heart out to him, comes the twist of fate that drives them apart.
They do reunite 8 years later and the bottled passions open up.  How it impacts their individual lives forms the climax and the eventually hindi fillum happy ending! Guess it could have been more impactful had we had a real-life climax.
The main cast is aptly supported by Kalki (the tomboy of the group), Aditya kapoor (with a couple of good one-liners and again a whiskey role)..Hic! and Kunal Roy kapoor. His take on Oh-La –La from dirty picture will have you in splits. Playing the guy whom Kalki eventually settles down with, his comic timing and expressions just keep getting better and better with every movie. previous outing being Nautanki Saala.
Full marks to the director of the movie, Ayan Mukherjee who had dealt with a very different subject in Wake up Sid.He does a fantastic job in this one too. Even though the law of opposites is explored innumerable times, the treatment of this movie makes you feel he has tackled a different subject and that's where the direction scores. Certain scenes stay with you even after you leave the hall-
Bunny’s interaction with Naina  during the moonlit Bhairav point trek
Bunny’s scene with his dad before leaving India
The wonderfully shot sunset scene atop Udaipur , where Naina explains life’s basic fact to Bunny that how much ever you may want to rush and stay ahead of time, there is always something in the present that you will miss in doing so! It's just a matter of perspective.
But the best part is none of these scenes go overboard inspite being emotional and hence the feel good factor stays. Hence the screenplay deserves special mention here.
For Ranbir Kapoor, this is a performance in the league of Wakeup sid . However feel his performances in Rocket Singh and Rockstar..were better. He carries the character of Bunny well on his shoulders.  In the latter two movies, he lived them!
The songs in this movie have been very very well shot. Each song leaves its impression . Ghagra ho ya Dilliwali girlfriend hare ek gaana aapse battamezi zaroor karega! Infact the music should become more popular once more and more people watch the film.
Last but definitely not the least, this is Deepika’s best performance since Cocktail.  She looks cute playing the nerd in the first half .Hot and desirable in the second . Aakhir Naina khul hi gaye! Jokes apart, you will feel and live her transformation during the phases and that’s where I guess an actor plays his/her part to the T. She for me is the Hero of this film.
Go for it because this jawani is indeed dewaani and post the movie, Deepika’s list of deewanas will definitely  increase. Kya karein- opposites indeed attract!


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