Movie review: Mission impossible–Rogue Nation, A self-destruction worth looking forward to!

Whenever you think of some of the best action and thrilling sequences that Hollywood has produced, the Mission Impossible (MI) series ranks right on top of your mind. Yes we do have the Bond, Bourne and Arnie movies, but the sheer consistency of MI when it comes to showcasing death defying concepts/stunts is something admirable. The 5th part of the installment just takes this to the next level.
Within the first few minutes of the movie, when you see Tom Cruise (Ethan Hunt) hanging on to dear life outside an airplane- a massive A 400, you know you are in take-off mode for a pure adrenaline rush.
The plot is more or less what MI fans would usually expect. As it is, most logic goes for a toss because the fans of this franchisee are more pleased by death defying stunts than logic. IMF (Impossible Mission Force) is virtually disbanded as a unit and their main agent Ethan Hunt is on the run. His ex- colleagues are now a part of the CIA.  Ethan’s objective is to disband a syndicate that only he believes exists. The twist this time around is that the syndicate realises Hunt is after them and challenges him to either find them or die getting targeted.
How Ethan finally manages to achieve his mission, inspite of various twists and hairpin bends, ultimately forms the crux of the movie. He is supported well by Benji (Simon Pegg) who provides the comic relief too in this movie, William Brandt (Jeremy Renner) whose role is somewhat subdued in this movie as compared to the last one and Luther (Ving Rhames). But the one who gives Ethan a run for his money and matches him kick for kick is Isla Faust (Rebecca Ferguson). Playing a mysterious beauty with brains character, one is kept on the tenterhooks till the very end, as to which way will she swing, between good and bad. She oozes confidence in all that she does. Whether it is gate crashing the opera in a slit evening gown, or emerging out of the pool in a bikini, or kicking ass with smooth moves, she leaves an impression. Add to this she goes all out riding a BMW bike in an all leather biking gear in the climax, a scene that definitely stays with you even after the movie ends. The start of the chase where all the bikes run down the steps in Morocco, in close pursuit by Ethan on a BMW car, before disappearing deserves a special mention.
Some of the scenes do bring back memories of the earlier ones,
MI5 - Earlier (comparo)
•The airplane scene at the start – The train scene during climax of MI 1
•The security hack scene- Combination of the Kremlin scene of MI4 and epic data stealing scene of MI 1
•Final Bike chase during climax- similar to climax bike scene of MI 2, but much better.
But still what works for MI 5 is all of these have been executed in a different manner, with newer twists and turns in the same genre. The sheer pace at which every action scene unfolds on screen is pure delight for an adrenaline junkie.
Last but not the least, Tom cruise take a bow. With every installment, he has just managed to reinvent himself as an actor and push for something bigger and better, whether it is the plot or the death defying stunts, which he manages to pull off time and again with such finesse.  His age reflects only in his looks but not in character, as once again he revels in a plot centered around him. A special mention also for the director Christopher McQuarrie, for managing to do full justice to this installment and not disappointing the fans of this franchisee. However personally enjoyed Ghost protocol more over this installment, since that for me was a better blend of story and action.
Go for it guys, before this article self-destructs in 5 seconds!


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