Sakshi: Now the doer,for others to witness! (3)

The present
Sakshi called up the last couple of drivers from their database.  Most of them were already on duty and few not in town. There was no way Sakshi could let that last call/ request go unattended. For her this was not just a business, it was a mission.
The past
That day in court Sakshi had not pressed charges or demanded an enquiry. No it was not because her boyfriend was at fault , it was because the incident prior to the court had made her realise the bigger issue. To Drink and Drive was a crime . But people still did it. Even the ones who were supposedly educated and holding a decent job.
While there were many laws to punish and even reform, no one had a hands –on solution to curb the menance . That day if chachu had been drunk, the kid would not have escaped ,simply because he would not have been in that much control of their vehicle. That realization had never left her.
Karan had run over her father on his way back. He dad had stepped out  to get milk. While rushing back post dropping her, Karan had failed to see the old man at the turn of the road, which was a blindspot even to the sober ones. Yes what Karan could have done is stopped and claimed ownership of the situation. But he chose to run away. Probably he was so drunk that he couldn’t even comprehend as to what was right or wrong. His brain only functioned on its primal instinct and that was his survival . And he had fled the scene in double speed.
The present
Sakshi had ran out of the drivers listed with them.  The ping still needed confirmation . Well she thought to herself, the pub is just a couple of minutes away. She could drive down and take control of the situation. Worst case it could be him. Post that day in court, Sakshi has ended everything between them.  There was no way she could see a life with a person who had ran over her father.  She was now married to just one goal. One mission. To make the society get rid of the greater evil and not just the crime. That was what was her dad would have liked. This was what would keep him at peace wherever he was.
That fact of being a Founder/ CEO to one of the fastest growing  start up companies in India was no mean achievement. She was a regular in youth  leadership summits and entrepreneurship conferences. .And all in just three years . There was definitely a divine hand behind all this and for her it was her dad’s.
She confirmed the ping and stepped out of office locking it. In ten minutes she was outside the pub from where the customer had to be picked up. She replied back on the app and waited.
I know the word sorry doesn’t serve any meaning now but I am genuinely sorry for what happened.
These were Karan’s last words to her before she had fainted out of shock. They kept ringing in her mind as she waited. Of course this happens only in movies. He is not the only Karan in India. And even if it was him, what worse could happen now. She reassured herself thus.
“Hi, am Karan can you please help my wife in” came a voice accompanied by a knock on the window screen. She coudn’t see the face clearly as the window was wet owing to the slight drizzle.  Sakshi opened the back door and the guy placed his wife carefully on the rear seat. She was sloshed. Looked like she had more drinks that the runs scored by the man of the match in that evening’s IPL  final. As the guy closed the back door and got beside her , she saw his face clearly.
“Sakshi! How in the world are you here. Had called a driver service. Don’t get it”. Karan was the first to react. Well movies do mirror life sometimes Sakshi thought.
“I own this service Karan. Life changed post dad’s death and the realization of what led to it. While i was mighty pissed off at you , just  learnt to channelize my anger better. Realised that there is no profile to this set of people who ‘Drink and Drive’.  If there was one word to describe them, then it is Insensitive. And my objective was to just drill some sense into this set. Am glad that you chose to get help tonight and not drink and drive her home. Somewhere that day even i should have done the same.  Maybe you should have suggested. But then, past is past and there is a reason why it is called so. The decision that I made that day got me into this . Today probably it has prevented a second Sakshi from suffering. Well life has come a full circle for me. And you know what this time am in control !”.
The car sprang to life as Sakshi turned on the ignition with these words and kicked off the pedal in first gear. Karan was too jolted to react.Driving on as she looked up the heavens , the voice seemed to come back in her head, but then this time around she had a reply.
Always see the bigger picture beta and may your life find new meaning this coming year.
I have papa,I have!

(The finale…Part 3 of 3)


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